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Golden Heart

Materials & Technique: Acrylics, markers, ceramics


The dome ceiling is located in a unique and exclusive bar in a restaurant owned by the Palogi family. Itamar Palogi, the space designer and one of my favorite and Inspiring artists, requested a complex decorated dome ceiling full of shapes and colors that will radiate an exceptional and prestigious look. I drew the inspiration for this work from decorated ceilings in Muslim mosques and from the ottoman period in Israel. I received the first inspiration to the main pattern of the golden heart from the textile of the sofas located at the Bar. I studied the shape, played with it in different compositions, cutting, adding, duplicating, until reaching the final shape. The other shapes on the ceiling are also derived from different parts of the main golden heart.

This project was very precious to me. It took a full year to reach maturity and ended up a priceless gem that brought friendship, and inspiration to the lives of all those involved with it.

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