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I see my art as the transformation of visions into matter.
Beyond that, I simply admire the power of aesthetics and the joy it brings. I enjoy emulating the beauty of nature, mainly in colors and ceramic form.

My main materials are clay, minerals, earth and other objects that I collect in nature.


At the beginning of my path as an artist, I expressed myself mostly through the two-dimensional, in the medium of painting, which is dear to my heart, my first language. A new palette never fails to stir excitement in me, so I continue to work in this field of color mainly in the form of ornamentation and murals. when I paint, I tend to use a lot of color, thick with lots of layers in meditative endless repetition. Just like the processes I see in nature and from which entire worlds are built from- dense, slowly, layer upon layer until the whole is revealed.


I received my education and early experience as an artist serving as an assistant to a number of extraordinary artists. For the past two decades I have been visiting different artists in their studios, immersing myself in their worlds and learning from them. Mostly ceramic makers but also ornamental painters, mural painters, sculptors and even shoemakers. In addition to my work with these artists, I taught myself through experimentation with a sheer passion to express beauty in the world.


A few years ago, I discovered a new language and since then I have been constantly developing it. This is the language of Altar Art. An esoteric niche, focused on creating altars - works of art that serve as centerpieces. Anchoring energetical centers that allows whoever witnesses them to quieten their consciousness.

These altars trace their origins to shamanic and pagan rituals. Throughout the years I have participated in such rituals and these experiences have shaped me and have greatly influenced the way I comprehend reality and the way I create art.

In order to build an altar I use materials, symbols and shapes that embody the values of connection, intention, prayer and tranquility. The altars are always circular, inviting the observer to become a participant in the shared experience and offering them the power of the Circle, which influences humans in a deep and primal way. The altars are built on the ground, which invites the observer to crouch and behold the altar and themselves with humility.

Most of my artistic study, research and work revolves around breathing new life into this ancient art that is yearning to be reborn in these challenging times. I am relentlessly and uncompromisingly engaged in this niche because it is my belief that altars introduce vital ancient knowledge to every space that they are incorporated in. Altars, such as these, deepen our understanding of ceremonial spaces and our awareness to the possibility of self and collective revival. To me, these altars represent introspection, spirit, emotion and a connection to a forgotten part of ourselves that is asking to be reawakened - I use ART to make it possible.


I was born and raised in a small village in the western Galilee Mountains. 

My childhood view- a naked innocent space full of imagination and beauty formed my metaphoric world and later on shaped and inspired my artistic language.

The Wadi and the mountain have been an entire world to me. Hypnotizing, enriching, filling me with shapes and textures and whispering in me sounds. A haven that was reflecting my inner world.

Inspiration is being revealed to me as I journey in the depths of consciousness, in the sublime nature as well as in hidden stories embroidered in traditional crafts and incredible people I meet along the way.

Today as a fully grown child, I feel a great responsibility to share my inner visions with the world. I love to voyage internally and extremely and collect "treasures" in the image of natural matter or spiritual visions and to bring them into my studio and reform them, reshape them, construct them in a way they can guide the viewer and take him or her for a brief moment to that sacred place of beauty they originated from.

clay crystals
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