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"Yagata Ve Matzata Taamin"

Materials & Technique: Acrylic on wood


As an artist who draws his inspiration from nature, I spend a lot of time observing and traveling it - the nature reserve that​'​s in my backyard, the mountains of the north where​ I was born in, and the wild desert of Israel. 

​In this places I go on inspirational journeys to search. The search is a search of the heart, there is not always an answer, the answer is the journey itself.

​I trust in the nature and its treasures full of healing and love ,ther​e​for I allow myself to go on a deep journey in my consciousness during these nature journeys. In one of th​is​ journeys - the shapes, colors and the story from which the painting was born were revealed to me. Therefore his name is - "yagata ve matsata taamin" which can be translated as ‘’Seek and you shall find’’ - is a familiar proverb derived from ancient Jewish texts. 

This painting reminds me of Africa in its shapes, colors and the joy that reflects from it.

When I paint, I tend to use a lot of color, thick with lots of layers in meditative endless repetition. Just like the processes I see in nature and from which entire worlds are built from- dense, slowly, layer upon layer until the whole is revealed.

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